Alive and kicking..

28 January 2009

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4 days and counting..

23 January 2009

Shit has been going down. A lot of things around me has been going to my disadvantage.

The Rapid prototype machine broke down, and I have been delayed 3 days in my modelbuilding process. Well see how far I get before presentation, but I will most probably finish it after the semester is over.

Otherwise, my computer has been acting up a lot. I cant start my windows partition, and this tuesday, the mail-application crashed and erased all my E-mails. On top of this, Husqvarna decided that they weren't going to have any interns this spring, which sucked for me, since I was really hoping to be able to go there the coming semester. So right now I'm working my ass of on the project whilst looking for places to intern. Oh well, it's not the end of the world, but is sucks ass anyway.

Enough complaining..


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1 month later

17 January 2009

Sorry guys, I havent had the time to update this site at all.

Anyway, heres a quick update.

It was great to get home during christmas, but it was also kind of spoiled by all the work I had to do. However, there was not motivation to work at home so I just felt stressed the entire holiday, thinking about all the stuff i DIDN'T do.. :) So I basically fell in to a evil circle.

We had a very calm christmas though. On the 23rd all relatives visited us as usual, the 24th me and my family just celebrated christmas together. Very cosy. I did have time to run some errands during the break, and also went to copenhagen with Hasse and a couple of other guys to go practice with reballs. On new years eve, me and Isabelle stayed at home, ordering pizza, watching some TV and the fireworks. Anyway, all the schoolwork floating around in my subconcious made me really short fused, and I do apologise to my entire family for being somewhat bitchy. Sorry...

I thought it would be really awfull to go back to Austria but it was not as bad as I thought. I just wanted to go there and finish the bloody project and go home. So on the 4th of january I left for Graz. My friend David picked me up at the airport in Vienna (oh my god, thank you). This was pretty sweet, and it made me feel a lot better to going there.

Anyway, since then I have been in school constantly. I have been in school practically every waken hour, mainly working on the 3D-model. The model will be printed with a 3D-printer, and made in to a scale 1:1 model. Many details has had to be worked out during this process. Can't say that im very pleased with the aestethics, but I am still pretty happy about the concept. Keep your fingers crossed that I Finish the models entirely before presentation, which is on the 27th.

Big version!

Until then (cus I will not update before that), Auf wiedersehen!

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