24 September 2010

Things are falling in to place. Now all i need is to get the pieces together and get the building of for real.

Ive sent some blueprints to a machineshop, for the legs and mainframe to get built.

And i continue to build in solidworks

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20 September 2010


Mapping is off on the wood.. boo

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Back on track

13 September 2010

So after 4 days of computer-issues, I finally got it going again thanks to a good friend.

Thankfully, the only thing i lost was time, and not any data. Paranoid feelings andd time-machine saved my ass.

But today it was back to printing and cutting. After some woes, it worked. (click to enlarge all the images)

With this I made a mockup to get a feel for the total volume.. Printed 3 orthographics views in scale 1:1. Remember that I said that the proportions didnt feel right, the last time i made a 1:1 print out? Well, I made some alterations, both because i wanted to be able to fit the electronics and mechanics easier, and to make the size fit the function better.

I think I'm pretty satisfied at the moment. It was even comfortable to sit on the mockup next to it. Wish i had a cameraman. Or even better, a model so i didnt have to show my ugly mug on these pics.

I didnt post this because of the cheesy invert-effect. It was because the linework on the printouts got a lot clearer instead of the cluttered surrounding, so please have excuse it.

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03 September 2010

Trying to keep a civil tone, but f**k it.

My computer crashed last night when working in windows. So now neither windows or OsX will boot. I've moved the harddrive to an external chassi, so I can use it as an external harddrive, and do all my work on the schools computers.

But still..

Impregnating piece of crap.

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02 September 2010

Well, it worked!

Atleast partially. The spool need better friction against the rope, and some bigger edges to prevent the rope from drifting off. I however, would like to claim the function-model a smashing success!

Took longer than it should, due to the workshops being filled with the freshmen and their introduction to the workshop-course, but thats ok. I'm not supposed to be here anyway, so who am I to complain?

I'm just a bit bummed that I didn't do it earlier. Better late than never, right?

And yeah, i had to butcher my old skateboard for one of it's wheels and lathe it down to a good diameter. I'm seriously considering using something similar for the final model. Love how the graphics are still there.

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02 September 2010

A lot more fun than constructing it in Solidworks..

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