02 May 2011

Last couple of months have been great.

Moved to Gothenburg, Been to a few interviews, work extra at an Industrial engineering firm, play paintball, xbox, and work on the thesis. It's busy but fun. No internet in the flat.

Presentation date for the thesis: 8th of June.

now its workshop time.

Life is great!

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Git'r done!

25 March 2011

Back from my small reconnaissance mission in Gothenburg, with a few great meetings with different companies. Definitely pushing to move there very soon. But now I'm back in Lund building on my model.

The break was very necessary to get some perspective and motivation.

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If you can't handle it.. I'll just fkin do it myself.

11 January 2011

Today i took a crack att bending the legs since no one seemed to want or be able to do it.

Suffice to say that I now could get a job in a workshop. Easy peasy!

The leg inside the legs was an attempt by someone else.

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10 January 2011

The main frame arrived, and it fit like a glove to the wooden seat.

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compass project.

08 December 2010

I refurbished my 2.5 yr old compass project for the portfolio and took some ok photos.

It gavee me some bloglove!

Thanks to

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Weekend fun

29 November 2010

Some fun for a competition at Counterkicks

Had to cut a lot of corners to make the deadline, whichs meant that the concept isnt really understandable..

I had to compete since i've complained about there only being basketball shoe competitions available. This was a spike shoe-theme for new balance.

Very interesting to stress myself during the rendering. Record time and they still look pretty decent i'd say.

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11 November 2010

Are not going swimmingly so right now im working on my portfolio..

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15 October 2010

Test post.

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Its getting darker.

06 October 2010

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24 September 2010

Things are falling in to place. Now all i need is to get the pieces together and get the building of for real.

Ive sent some blueprints to a machineshop, for the legs and mainframe to get built.

And i continue to build in solidworks

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20 September 2010


Mapping is off on the wood.. boo

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Back on track

13 September 2010

So after 4 days of computer-issues, I finally got it going again thanks to a good friend.

Thankfully, the only thing i lost was time, and not any data. Paranoid feelings andd time-machine saved my ass.

But today it was back to printing and cutting. After some woes, it worked. (click to enlarge all the images)

With this I made a mockup to get a feel for the total volume.. Printed 3 orthographics views in scale 1:1. Remember that I said that the proportions didnt feel right, the last time i made a 1:1 print out? Well, I made some alterations, both because i wanted to be able to fit the electronics and mechanics easier, and to make the size fit the function better.

I think I'm pretty satisfied at the moment. It was even comfortable to sit on the mockup next to it. Wish i had a cameraman. Or even better, a model so i didnt have to show my ugly mug on these pics.

I didnt post this because of the cheesy invert-effect. It was because the linework on the printouts got a lot clearer instead of the cluttered surrounding, so please have excuse it.

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03 September 2010

Trying to keep a civil tone, but f**k it.

My computer crashed last night when working in windows. So now neither windows or OsX will boot. I've moved the harddrive to an external chassi, so I can use it as an external harddrive, and do all my work on the schools computers.

But still..

Impregnating piece of crap.

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02 September 2010

Well, it worked!

Atleast partially. The spool need better friction against the rope, and some bigger edges to prevent the rope from drifting off. I however, would like to claim the function-model a smashing success!

Took longer than it should, due to the workshops being filled with the freshmen and their introduction to the workshop-course, but thats ok. I'm not supposed to be here anyway, so who am I to complain?

I'm just a bit bummed that I didn't do it earlier. Better late than never, right?

And yeah, i had to butcher my old skateboard for one of it's wheels and lathe it down to a good diameter. I'm seriously considering using something similar for the final model. Love how the graphics are still there.

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02 September 2010

A lot more fun than constructing it in Solidworks..

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30 August 2010

Playing a bit with Bunkspeed to see what it looks like.

Still missing leg and some vital mechanics.

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28 August 2010

So presentationdates are still not set.. Need to synch this with every one whos going to attend, like supervisor, opponent, examiner, jury etcetc.. So now it looks like it could be later than September.

Still grinding the late nights in school, trying to get everything down in blueprints so I can start building, and just get it done. A lot of stuff needs to be solved, like how the legs move, attachments and so forth. If I do it properly, it could be possible to just pop in a motor and some electronics and then give it a go.. We'll see about that though.

Also, the proportions dont seem to be there yet. Have a full scale print of it on my wall, which looks nice and all, but with this 185cm virtual dummy, it doesnt look right.

The sitting surface has an average of aprox 40 CM above the ground, (tilted), which is pretty much what a normal chair is at. We'll see what i can do about it.

Some pictures with a real dummy.

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More winchin.

11 August 2010

My concept in progress. A winch without a captive spool, that is self tailing. Modified capstan winch if you will.

Click to enlarge the images. friends winch. Made entirely from a second hand gokart. Frame was chopped up and welded together again. winch. One of few which are "mass produced" tend to build their frames out of almost anything. But the basic principle stays the same. Electric winch. winch from a mini-moto bike.

So why do they build these machines?

Fun on water without a boat.

Fun on snow without a slope.

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will i make it?

12 May 2010

worknworkn.. Boo

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More winch photographs.

03 April 2010

Some of the few good pics from the last time I went photographing with the winch-shredders.

Damn it's fun to photo them. Wish i had a fisheye and a water-resistent cam though.

Click to enlarge.

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12 February 2010

Went winchboarding with some friends today, which will be the focuspoint of my Diploma thesis.

Heres two images of some of the stuff we did today. I hope I can get access to some of the filming we did to further evaluate the possibilities of the activity.

Also, it was extremely fun to go out there and just take photos. It's so hard!

I need some practice with photo-retouching.. Bare with me :)

Henning hitting the kicker. (Click to enlarge)

Jonas hitting the soccergoal-railkicker. (Click to enlarge)

(all unedited images here)

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ISPO and master thesis

11 February 2010

Its been a while, let's leave it at that.

I've recently started working on my master thesis, that is due to be presented 1-2 of June.

It's pretty scary thinking about what I need to deliver until then, but I guess there is no try.

Do or Do not..

With my master thesis as excuse, I went to the ISPO tradeshow in munich, to get inspiration and do some research on my topic, but it was also a major treat for myself, since i've always wanted to go.

Very cool to see the huge fair (180.000 squate meters). I do believe that a lot of the companies are running on fumes, or really trying to cut costs. I base this on the observation that a lot of them just showed older stuff in a new package. I think the biggest companies were the ones that disappointed me the most.

On the other hand, it's fun to see the small companies with the crazy ideas and the fanatic people behind them. It's a shame that many of them just seem to be in it for the money, which gets pretty obvious when you see their stuff.

I want to do a post on my thesis project, which is about lead-users and their affect on action/extreme sports. I do have some good subjects to follow, which are some friends from old, currently occupied with winchboarding.

I'll leave you with this image of my computer, which lately has been working at really high temperatures, which makes me scared that it wont make it until my final pres. I'm seriously considering not getting a new Macbook pro, both because of the latest generations ugliness, and the fact that they cost a fortune.

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Work and fun

01 November 2009

So i started working on this competition regarding Bike sharing for Copenhagen.

Ive had a lot of problems motivating myself.

Hopefully i can post some stuff from the project this week. Until now ive only done research (barely) and im kinda questioning myself and what the hell I am doing.

On another note, I tried out a new program this week called Sketchbook pro 2010. Ive tried the predecessors, but they never really tickled my fancy.

This one on the other hand did!

heres something i did during the weekend. (click for larger version on all pics)

My brother got on the cover of the magazine Yachting world (and a couple of other guys). Second magazine cover this year. How will I compete with that?!

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Intersting Open letter.

22 June 2009

I found a pretty interesting open letter to design students, so I thought id share it with the rest of you.

My favourite quote is: "Your education will not end the day you graduate: on the contrary, what you're doing is learning how to learn, and how to think, and how to visualize the ideas that percolate in your brain."

You can find the rest of the letter on Design Observer, and here is the direct link to letter in question.


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Il mostro!

16 June 2009

Last wednesday, after being sick for two days, I went home to Sweden.

We had thursday and friday off, so I booked a fairly cheap ticket home to see my Isabelle :)

So after many annoying hours on flights and airports, she finally picked me up at Helsingborg Central station. Man was it ever great to get back..

I dont have too much to write about this weekend, mainly photos to show you :)

We did not do anything at all on Thursday, if I remember it correctly. We had rain and storms outside, so we stayed in the couch.

Friday me and Isa had a pretty similar day, except that we went for a run in the rain, and then had some nice soup at home, and watched forrest gump together. Very relaxing...

We were supposed to go to my home field in Varberg on Saturday to visit the second leg of the Three crowns cup (Swedish Paintball league). However, two minutes after we left and arrived at the gas-station, an older man told me that we had a flat tire, and to my surprise he was right. So no Varberg that day. We went back instead and went for a long walk along the coast.

Sunday was the day to drive to Varberg instead. It was nice to see a lot of friends again, and just watch some paintball in the shining sun. A fellow called Erik Svensson(Thanks for the pictures Erik), was there flying with a Helicopter and managed to get some photos of our home field. Looks pretty awesome from above as well :)

I got a bit of sun on my pale body, and some good laughs.

In the evening, when we came back, my father was standing on the balchony with his binoculars. He told me that the Volvo Ocean race boats would be passing by any second. This was the first time ever, so I could'nt have timed my visit back home better.

And finally, the first boat showed it's sails behind the peninsula, and to my excitement, it was the il Mostro! Puma Volvo Ocean race boat, oh joy!

I wish I was a pirate, arrr..

The pictures are taken with my new digicam through binoculars, so the quality is a bit sketchy.

It does look like they passed pretty close, but it was a couple of nautcal miles from us.

To give some referens, here is the normal view without cheat-zooms. (I miss the ocean way too much)

anyway, on monday afternoon I had to head back to Germany, and Isabelle was going to her parents in Vansbro, Dalarna. (far far up north)

Really sucked to leave her this time, since we had such a wonderful weekend. But all things have an ending, meh..

Back in the office, and my head is not working 100% properly, but ill try to get it straightened out tomorrow. And finally ive started running again. Its going pretty well, and the times are decreasing in a higher rate than expected. I will tell you more about how later. Until then you can have a look at , it's pretty interesting, both from an ergonomical point of view and the fact that it seems to work better for me so far.

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26 May 2009

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20 May 2009

My parents and Isabelle will be arriving in aproximately 10 minutes!


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Just some photos..

28 April 2009

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27 April 2009

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A lot of stuff happening!

05 April 2009

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Dow swords have arrived!

21 March 2009

So our teams new guns did arrive today! Was awesome to see them for real, a weird sensation to hold something that you have slaved over during late nights.

They turned out pretty nice, but theres always room for improvement. Next year will be even better!

We will try them on for size on sunday, looking forward to some outdoor paintball. Enjoy!

Loads of eclipse stuff there!


My new sword!

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Arrival to HQ

22 February 2009

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back on track

03 December 2008

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Rough week, aka overtime

22 November 2008

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