22 August 2009

Yeah, I've become pretty lazy with the updating.

This is probably the one of the very last updates about my life in a long while, and i will as i mentioned earlier focus on school, and more design related matters.

Not much has happend though. I went back to Sweden at the end of July for my friend Lovisas wedding. Short weekend there, and then back to reality in Nuremberg.

At the moment im getting pretty fed up with Germany, and can't wait to get back to Sweden.. Its been almost a year since I left for Graz, and it's getting tiresome.

Last weekend though, i visited a friend in Bodensee, aka Lake of constanze, which was a really nice break in my way of life.

It's located in the very south of Germany, and it's possible to see Austria, Switzerland and Germany from the lake side.

We went to some awesome parties, chilled at the beach, went to Austria and had a look at a paintballsite, and some other random stuff. Great weather and great company, made it one of the best weekends so far. Im sure I will return, but the next time I will bring Isabelle along with me.

Speaking of Isabelle, who just went to New York for 10 days, will hopefully come visit me this week.. Happy happy joy joy!

Regarding the previous entry about the Shoe-competition, no results have been posted yet, but I got some great feedback from the people at work, and with a few small tweaks it could actually turn in to something even better.

Right now im focusing on doing some personal projects since my boss and most of the full time designers at work are away on a business trip for a couple of weeks. Hopefully i can finish all the projects ive wanted to, but then i need to work smart, hard and fast. We'll see. Its not like its a life or death thing, but id really like to do it, especially since i think i do have some cool ideas that they could continue on after my departure.

Things have gone really smooth at work during these months. I'd like to believe that I've given it my best, and let my high motivation shine through. The people around me seem to have appreciated my presence and I've made some good industrial contacts during this period, and ofcourse some great friends. I have no idea of how much of my personal stuff that will be classified, but I guess that this is something they will tell me during after final presentation..

I'll end this post with a nice pic from Bodensee, where Florian took a photo of me at the viewing point "Pfender" where we had a great view over the three countries in question.

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Vienna Beerest

10 June 2009

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Check the specs

05 May 2009

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Pitstop -> Helsingborg, Sweden

04 May 2009

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25 April 2009

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10 April 2009

So, I've just moved in to an apartment with a guy from Dresden.

He recently got it so it is totally stripped. All there is are two old sofas and two sofa-chairs. I think he went home to dresden during Easter, so i`ve spent my first night there alone on the sofa.

I hope we can get as much as possible during next week, but I doubt it. There are not even lamps in the ceiling. I'm starting to regret that I chose this place, but wtf, new experiences are always good.

Anyway, theres obviously no internet in the flat, and It might take a while to get. So until then, expect less updates than usual (aka VERY seldom).

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Running round the block..

07 April 2009

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Welcome to Nuremberg, err

31 March 2009

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Life is good.. Again

03 February 2009

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1 month later

17 January 2009

Sorry guys, I havent had the time to update this site at all.

Anyway, heres a quick update.

It was great to get home during christmas, but it was also kind of spoiled by all the work I had to do. However, there was not motivation to work at home so I just felt stressed the entire holiday, thinking about all the stuff i DIDN'T do.. :) So I basically fell in to a evil circle.

We had a very calm christmas though. On the 23rd all relatives visited us as usual, the 24th me and my family just celebrated christmas together. Very cosy. I did have time to run some errands during the break, and also went to copenhagen with Hasse and a couple of other guys to go practice with reballs. On new years eve, me and Isabelle stayed at home, ordering pizza, watching some TV and the fireworks. Anyway, all the schoolwork floating around in my subconcious made me really short fused, and I do apologise to my entire family for being somewhat bitchy. Sorry...

I thought it would be really awfull to go back to Austria but it was not as bad as I thought. I just wanted to go there and finish the bloody project and go home. So on the 4th of january I left for Graz. My friend David picked me up at the airport in Vienna (oh my god, thank you). This was pretty sweet, and it made me feel a lot better to going there.

Anyway, since then I have been in school constantly. I have been in school practically every waken hour, mainly working on the 3D-model. The model will be printed with a 3D-printer, and made in to a scale 1:1 model. Many details has had to be worked out during this process. Can't say that im very pleased with the aestethics, but I am still pretty happy about the concept. Keep your fingers crossed that I Finish the models entirely before presentation, which is on the 27th.

Big version!

Until then (cus I will not update before that), Auf wiedersehen!

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Back where it all started

18 December 2008

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Need some relaxing.

12 December 2008

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27 November 2008

Oh my god. Two post in two days. I must have way too much time on my hands.. (:D)

Crashed early yesterday, just after I wrote some news here, while watching some Dexter Season 3. It is a great series, so if you haven't watched it, doit, doit now!

Anyway, did not sleep very well. I woke up in the middle of the night, coughing like a british coal miner. Fell asleep again and woke up at 9 am feeling like a plastic bag full of razorblades. Since I forgot some English papers in school, I had to go there before our Alias class and do the homework then instead. After having breakfest, the first one in like 3 weeks, I took some painkillers and other medicine and headed out.

It kind of sucks to have a really bad ache in your throat but not feel sick in any other way, so I couldn't really justify staying at home.

After school me and Erik went shopping, which we were supposed to do yesterday. I finally found a pair of shoes that were adequat. I also went to the applestore to get a new external hard-drive. After beeing in another store and asking for a hard-drive and then beeing directed to the hair-dryers, I didn't really feel like going scouting for another place with cheap computer accessories.

I have been a bit nervous about my small external drive crashing, so when we discussed it earlier this week, I decided to get another drive as backup to the backup. I would cry for days if I lost all files of my schoolwork through the years.

Found a pair of Brown nike airs for 80euros.. (I like brown...alot) And a 500gb lacie disk for 90 euros.

The loot!

I have started to contact some companys for my internship. First out is POC in Stockholm, but I really need to get crackin on that forsaken portfolio. Im just so useless at doing graphical designs, combined with the fact that I haven't taken enough pictures through the years of my "accomplishments" which makes it pretty hard to do something adequate.

Anyway, I found another picture in my phone from last sunday. Me and Erik went to a grillhouse and got some food before going to school to work on the project. We got a grillplatter for two.

I think it is suffice to say that we both got a bit sick afterwards. Something in that dish wasn't properly cooked. Hopefully I do not have salmonella now... yuck. Not going there again. (it was called ChiChis grillhouse or something. Beware!)

Now I am going to install the disk and make the backups my subconcious is bitching about.


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Technical difficulties.

12 November 2008

It has come to my attention that some of you guys can't see all the pictures I put up in here.

It seems to be a problem with Internet Explorer only, but if that is not true, please speak up! I will try to figure out what to do with the help of my internet-savvy friends.

On another note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!

Over and out.

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Me vs Things

09 November 2008

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Best three days so far..

02 November 2008

This thursday, my family arrived. Isabelle, Mom and Dad drove 1180 km to see me. Hard to explain how it felt when they called and mom said "I think we are on your street now". I ran down the stairs, and out to an empty street. I started looking for them, and suddenly I saw their motorhome a little bit further down the street. Isabelle was standing outside it and we just ran to eachother, crashing in to a huge hug and a few tears of joy!

After dropping of some off the stuff my parents brought for me, we headed for the camping area 15 minutes outside of the citycenter. Me and Isa was going to stay at a hotel 200 meters from the camping. Everything went according to plan, and we ended up having dinner in the motorhome (Moms pasta bolognese!)

Friday we went to the Landszeughause, which is a huge armory collection of baroque weapons, and afterwards to Kunsthaus. The latter was ridiculous. A really pale exhibition of "biomorph"-inspired art, however, zeughaus was awesome. They had shitloads of old swords, rifles knights armor.

We decided to go up to Schlossberg to eat lunch, and then see the view. It was absolutely magnificent. It is hard to believe that I live 5 minutes from this incredible site. The tour of graz ended by me and Isa going to a few different stores, looking for shoes, ending up with new pants. In the evening, we again had dinner in the motorhome, and boy did it taste good.

Saturday we went to a town called Riegersburg, 40 minutes from Graz. This was a old famous castle, aproximately 850 years old, built on an old vulcanic mountaine. I do not have any good pictures that I can show you, but Isa will send me some when she has come home.

Afterwards we went to a Buschenschank, had some traditional Austrian food, and then we headed home. As usual, we had dinner in the motorhome, then we went back to the hotel, because they were leaving at 6AM.. We had some breakfest, left the camping and drove to town where I was dropped off at Lendplatz to make our farewells.

Seeing them drive away is definately one of the hardest and saddest things that have happened to me in a very long time. I felt so insanely alone.

These were definately the best 3 days since I got to Austria, and the saddest moment in a couple of years. But it was totally worth it.

Right now I have to slam my head into the schoolwork, which is probobly a good way to get my mind distracted from the sad stuff. We have a small presentation on wednesday and I haven't done anything since Thursday.

I'll get some photos up as soon as possible.

I love you Isabelle.

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I hate thinking of good topics.

24 October 2008

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09 October 2008

Small update. I got a package today!

And guess what it was!

Yesterday I finished the last can that I brought my self, so this was a blessing, but opinions about that may differ.. All im waiting for now is a couple of pencils, and a bigger package (isabelle!!) to arrive!

It has been both harder and easier to be such a long distance from her. It's really weird. I thought it either be really really tough, or just easy/ok. We talk alot via webcam, so I get to see her beautiful face alot, which kinda makes me want to be near her, at the same time it kind of eases the pain. Love is strange, but sweet!

Now im of to run a couple of Km, before my laundry is done.

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Nothing new on the southeastern front.

08 October 2008

The last couple of days have been pretty calm.

Major events

- I bought a new pencil Sharpener. Its awesome, ugly and expensive.

- I was yelled at by the cleaning lady, because someone (not me) did'nt do their dishes.

- I was actually able to fill my washing card with some cash, so now it's possible to wash clothes! (only problem left is to get some energy to do it)

- I ate my 6th wienerschnitzel.

On the subject on me VS the cleaning lady, she was yapping about the dishes, oven, trash for about 15-20 minutes in german. I tried to answer in English, didn't work. I tried in German, she didn't listen. So after a while I told her I would gather the inhabitants for a meeting tonight and discuss/scold them. This kinda left me angry for the rest of the day. I hate getting shit because of what others do. So tonight I gathered everyone and told them that this won't happend again, and then asked if we should have some kind of system. Everyone agreed, not entirely sure if everyone actually understood though. However, I now know who is the lazy one, so ill whip him a bit extra I guess.

Mid day today, we had our first meeting about the project thats in effect. It was individual meetings with the teacher, where we had to present three themes of cutting tools (home or garden power tools).

My three choices fell on, Can opener, Plasma cutter and a portable band saw. Until next time we I have some more thorough research to do about the first two choices. Yay! Reasearch!

Since I have pretty little material to work with today.. I have to post some other sightings instead.

The first one is a package I found at the local grocery shop. Well, I guess you have to be swedish to really appreciate this one. (beeing swedish might not be enough..?)

(Bad quality, deal with it!)

As I might not have told you earlier, Graz is'nt an ideal place to drive cars, but instead they have excellent public transportation. The maximum amount of time I have had to wait for the tram is 8 minutes. Im loving it! No stinky cars or buses, just clean and frequent trams.

I found one of them absolutely lovely!

I might have to start going to see some cultural stuff some time soon. I haven't been to Schlossberg yet, which is like the city Icon, nor Kunsthaus or anything else for that matter. Shame on me!

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04 October 2008

Today I took another big step towards the big 3-0. Times passes quickly when you're busy right?

The latest couple of days have been interesting though, we actually started school for real now, and I've been going to some different classes with the 3rd and 7th semester students. One course I'm really looking forward to is CAID Advanced, an Autodesk Studiotools class (3D rendering program) with a teacher who seems really nice and motivated. This is probobly the only teacher that doesn't have a problem with having the lectures in English.

We also had a the initial meeting with the teacher who is running the 3rd semester project. Also a very inspirational and motivated person, who seems to have a lot to offer. The project brief/assignment was to make a cutting device (pretty standard task I guess), which is supposed to have different appearances when it is on and off. I think the workload will be pretty heavy, but I did not expect anything less..

On the downside, the students here in Graz seem pretty hard to get to know. They aren't very talkative, which probobly is because they don't really like to speak English, and my German is limited to standard phrases, or a severe butchering of their grammar and such. Hopefully they will defrost sometime in the near future.

This friday, me and Erik went to IKEA (again) to get some more necessitys like food containers, towels, MEATBALLS etc. Im starting to appreciate IKEA more and more everytime I go there, feels like hoooome. Afterwards, I got picked up by the David (Teamcaptain of pba factory) and went to the hall for some PB-practice. Apparently the field owner Johannes, is making a some kind of promotional film, so we got to pose for photos and they were filming us while we were playing. Cool but akward. Afterwards, me, david, Brian, and Micheal went to an irish pub, for what I thought would be a couple of beers and then going home for some sleep. Boy was I wrong..

It all ended up with us going to tree-monkeys, after alot of beer at the irish pub. David and Micheal decided to get a bottle of vodka at the club accompanied by some Red Bull, all this followed by yet another bottle of vodka to really finish me and Brian off. The night ended at about 4PM when I was dropped of by the taxi at my studenthome where crawled in to the apartment (not really, but it felt like it). Conclusion: Im getting to old for these things!

Woke up at 9PM because the phone was ringing. My Parents was calling to congratulate me on my birthday, and so did Isabelle!<3 It was really nice to hear their voices again, and ofcourse a bit sad. Always hard to celebrate things like this without your family. I slept for another hour, then I went to the city to get a new pair of jogging shoes. Found a pair of Asics for 40 euors (hoooray). After some breakfest alone at a Cafe, David and Brian picked me up for and we went to practice with Vienna United. All three of us was in terrible condition. Today was also the opening for the MAXS-store, so they had some opening discounts so alot of people showed up.

The filming for the movie continued today, and me and Brian got interviewed. Don't ask me why, because I have no idea why they wanted me in it. Im really not looking forward to seeing it, because I was SO tired during the interview, plus the fact that they wanted us so play videogames (greg hastings pro paintball) whilst answering all the questions, making it even harder..

Training went awful today, but I suppose I kind of deserved it after yesterday. After playing a couple of hours we grabbed some food at the gokart-restaurant (Thanks once again for the schnitzel Brian!). Afterwards we had a couple of more hours of training, and then we packed our stuff and went socializing with the others.

Thank you Johannes!

My plans for sunday includes sleeping, sleeping, sleeping, schoolwork, sleeping and maybe some laundry time (Not likely though). I want to thank everybody for making a pretty unusual birthday really fun. Vielen dank!

Wienerschnitzels since arrival: 4

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Game on!

25 September 2008

So since last time, I've got alot of paperwork done for example the apartment contract and a "meldzetteln", which means that they now officially know that Im in the country.

Other than that, yesterday I signed up for the german intensive course, which to my surprise is a ECTS course. So I will get 5 universitypoints for just studying german! After this me and Erik went to buy some art supplies, and after this to get something to eat at an awesome bar/cafe.

I met a brittish friend in the stairway who told me there was a party in our cellar, and invited us upstairs for some warmup beers. Well, so after beeing at his place for a couple of hours with the Finns and Brits, we went to the cellar, and holy moly, It was totally packed with students!

After this, me and the other exchangestudents went to the same Irish bar as usual, and later to a kebap restaurant which was a pitstop before the nightclub district. After listening to some Kareoke at a club called Tree Monkeys, me and Erik went home, and fell asleep at about 4.30 AM, and slept until 13 PM..

Today (Thursday), both of us were mighty tired, so we just took it slow. We went to BILLA to get som grocerys etc. Found real bread (austrians seems to eat mainly supersweet toast bread) and cottage cheese. At 17 Martin (who plays in the team I practice with) picked me up outside the studenthome, and I was finally on my way to see the huge indoor paintball arena they have down here. Schweet!

It was SO nice!

A huge arena with recball, speedball and reball field. There was also a Gokart track just next to the Field, which made quite alot of noise.

The practice session consists of:

- Warmup - running around the field a couple of laps, pushups, situps, crunches.

- Drills - today we did some 2on2, Running and gunning, mainly running and shooting drills today.

- Games - 5on5 for a couple of matches.

Then we cleaned the field, and did the warmup excersizes again, with an additional excersize we call "idioten" in Sweden. It's when you run back and forth across the field, touching lines.

And boy am I out of shape! I decided to go buy runningshoes some day soon and start running up and down the stairs of Schlossberg. The guys from the team take REALLY well care of me, which I am so thankfull for. On saturday we will go to a 3-man competition in a nearby village. Hopefully I can play better this time..

I put up a Gallery on so you can see some additional pics and not just the ones i put up on this page.

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