It's done.

09 June 2011

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04 November 2010

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Presentation date preliminaries

24 August 2010

So, had a chat with one of the other supervisors, and it looks like the presentations will be on either the 22nd or 28th of September. That gives me 30 to 36 to finish my design and build the model, hopefully do a small film clip and photograph the winch in a good setting.. Plus write the report and do the slides for pres.

All this and to graduate a week before my 28th bday. Keep your fingers crossed.

Click to enlarge.

Still needs a smart motor housing, batterypackthing, back leg and solid solution for the hinges to the legs.. It's slowly killing me inside though.

The experiment with the lamination of the veneer went pretty bad. The compressor overheated so the veneer didnt dry enough. So after I removed it from the mold, it's been twisting around its own axis. Well see if we can sort it with faster glue (karbamidglue?) and better vacuum bag.

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18 August 2010

Very fun to experiment with, wish i had more time.

Now I need to get a hold of someone who is good at bending and welding aluminium pipes.

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The eagle has landed

24 September 2009

Im finally home.

thanks to everybody who made it a cool experience.

Its a shame i didnt take more pictures of everyone, so heres a small fragment of the people I spent time with.

Take care everyone.

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Axion shoes are back!

08 June 2009

Just read that Axion footwear are back from the dead!

They will relaunch their stuff some time during 2009, soon i think. They will also be participating in the bread&butter fashion expo in Berlin. I will try to go there together with a new intern who will be dropping in the same day as the expo starts.

So if youre going to BBB, drop me a line!

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RSS working better now?

27 May 2009

Yeah, seems like i needed to tweak some more stuff in the script to make the rss-urls to work properly.

If they still do not work, remove the Bookmark and re-subscribe. Should work.

If there is something else not functioning properly, please tell me

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26 May 2009

Yeah, I have made some minor changes to the site. Mainly changes in the way the comment section looks (SO use it god damnit!)

The other big change is that I managed to implement an RSS feed. So click on the orange image in the upper right corner, and it will be a lot easier to see when I've updated.

Thursday, it's off to Bitburg!

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Next stop: Herzogenaurach

17 March 2009

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Almost up!

19 September 2008

So, the site news "system" is up and running, crippled, but running.

At the moment I'm at Vienna Airport, waiting for a paintballteam Brian Ravanel hooked me up with, to play the last leg in Budapest of the ECS series. 1.5 Hours before they are supposed to pick me up, and Im telling you, this airport-arrivalhall is extreeeeemely boring. Atleast the internet is slow.. I mean free..

Ill try to update this site as often as I can, and hopefully get a nice layout going sometime soon, but until then this will have to make due..

Auf wiedersehen!

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