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25 September 2008

So since last time, I've got alot of paperwork done for example the apartment contract and a "meldzetteln", which means that they now officially know that Im in the country.

Other than that, yesterday I signed up for the german intensive course, which to my surprise is a ECTS course. So I will get 5 universitypoints for just studying german! After this me and Erik went to buy some art supplies, and after this to get something to eat at an awesome bar/cafe.

I met a brittish friend in the stairway who told me there was a party in our cellar, and invited us upstairs for some warmup beers. Well, so after beeing at his place for a couple of hours with the Finns and Brits, we went to the cellar, and holy moly, It was totally packed with students!

After this, me and the other exchangestudents went to the same Irish bar as usual, and later to a kebap restaurant which was a pitstop before the nightclub district. After listening to some Kareoke at a club called Tree Monkeys, me and Erik went home, and fell asleep at about 4.30 AM, and slept until 13 PM..

Today (Thursday), both of us were mighty tired, so we just took it slow. We went to BILLA to get som grocerys etc. Found real bread (austrians seems to eat mainly supersweet toast bread) and cottage cheese. At 17 Martin (who plays in the team I practice with) picked me up outside the studenthome, and I was finally on my way to see the huge indoor paintball arena they have down here. Schweet!

It was SO nice!

A huge arena with recball, speedball and reball field. There was also a Gokart track just next to the Field, which made quite alot of noise.

The practice session consists of:

- Warmup - running around the field a couple of laps, pushups, situps, crunches.

- Drills - today we did some 2on2, Running and gunning, mainly running and shooting drills today.

- Games - 5on5 for a couple of matches.

Then we cleaned the field, and did the warmup excersizes again, with an additional excersize we call "idioten" in Sweden. It's when you run back and forth across the field, touching lines.

And boy am I out of shape! I decided to go buy runningshoes some day soon and start running up and down the stairs of Schlossberg. The guys from the team take REALLY well care of me, which I am so thankfull for. On saturday we will go to a 3-man competition in a nearby village. Hopefully I can play better this time..

I put up a Gallery on so you can see some additional pics and not just the ones i put up on this page.

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  1. Glad to see you've settled in. Have you tried the Sachertorte yet? :D

    And remember... REPRESENT!!!!
    by Janek on 26 September 2008, 23:12 #
  2. you are welcome in graz and in our team

    david aka kelkes
    by kelkes on 29 September 2008, 07:46 #



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