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08 October 2008

The last couple of days have been pretty calm.

Major events

- I bought a new pencil Sharpener. Its awesome, ugly and expensive.

- I was yelled at by the cleaning lady, because someone (not me) did'nt do their dishes.

- I was actually able to fill my washing card with some cash, so now it's possible to wash clothes! (only problem left is to get some energy to do it)

- I ate my 6th wienerschnitzel.

On the subject on me VS the cleaning lady, she was yapping about the dishes, oven, trash for about 15-20 minutes in german. I tried to answer in English, didn't work. I tried in German, she didn't listen. So after a while I told her I would gather the inhabitants for a meeting tonight and discuss/scold them. This kinda left me angry for the rest of the day. I hate getting shit because of what others do. So tonight I gathered everyone and told them that this won't happend again, and then asked if we should have some kind of system. Everyone agreed, not entirely sure if everyone actually understood though. However, I now know who is the lazy one, so ill whip him a bit extra I guess.

Mid day today, we had our first meeting about the project thats in effect. It was individual meetings with the teacher, where we had to present three themes of cutting tools (home or garden power tools).

My three choices fell on, Can opener, Plasma cutter and a portable band saw. Until next time we I have some more thorough research to do about the first two choices. Yay! Reasearch!

Since I have pretty little material to work with today.. I have to post some other sightings instead.

The first one is a package I found at the local grocery shop. Well, I guess you have to be swedish to really appreciate this one. (beeing swedish might not be enough..?)

(Bad quality, deal with it!)

As I might not have told you earlier, Graz is'nt an ideal place to drive cars, but instead they have excellent public transportation. The maximum amount of time I have had to wait for the tram is 8 minutes. Im loving it! No stinky cars or buses, just clean and frequent trams.

I found one of them absolutely lovely!

I might have to start going to see some cultural stuff some time soon. I haven't been to Schlossberg yet, which is like the city Icon, nor Kunsthaus or anything else for that matter. Shame on me!

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  1. Well man, if you havent seen Schlossberg yet, it is time to change that. You have your new running shoes? ok, so off we go... up the stairs to the famous "Uhrturm" (clocktower)...
    the offer has been made, ow its up to you! hihi
    by Martin on 09 October 2008, 09:59 #



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