15 October 2008

Finally, things are starting to get into place, and I have found some routines. Small things like when to go to the grocery store, breakfest etc. I have almost completed my school schedule, which means that it will get a lot easier to plan my days.

Yesterday I had a meeting with one of the faculty members and finalized my study plan, which means I'm pretty much settled with which courses I want to study. It also means that I will be able to get the scholarship money for the exchange studies! As of now I'm also starting to get a hint of how much i spend, when and why.. Last couple of weeks I've felt like a piggy bank vs an army of hammers. VISA must be happy I suppose.

On the downside, I think I have some kind of inflammation in the muscles on the backside of my thighs. First noticed it a couple of weeks ago when I played paintball. I thought it was some kind of cramp, but now It hurts almost all the time, which is kind of wearing me down. Especially after a long nights sleep or when I have been working alot at a desk. Theres no pain at all when the muscle have been working and get warm, just a mere stroll for a couple of minutes does the trick. Anyhow it is very tiresome..

The project is progressing, and at this minute I am sitting in the studio, waiting for a one-on-one meeting with the teacher. We are supposed to discuss which ideas and themes that are the most interesting. The direction of my project is leaning towards a quick and slightly aggressve way to open canned food. Alot more work to do before anything is determined.

I will probobly be going to Vienna this weekend for a small X-ball tournament with PBA-Factory. Hopefully my legs won't be a problem if I warm up thoroughly before every game. Time will tell. Atleast looking forward to see a part of vienna!

I'll try to update soon, and with some pics of supermegainteresting stuff.

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