Best three days so far..

02 November 2008

This thursday, my family arrived. Isabelle, Mom and Dad drove 1180 km to see me. Hard to explain how it felt when they called and mom said "I think we are on your street now". I ran down the stairs, and out to an empty street. I started looking for them, and suddenly I saw their motorhome a little bit further down the street. Isabelle was standing outside it and we just ran to eachother, crashing in to a huge hug and a few tears of joy!

After dropping of some off the stuff my parents brought for me, we headed for the camping area 15 minutes outside of the citycenter. Me and Isa was going to stay at a hotel 200 meters from the camping. Everything went according to plan, and we ended up having dinner in the motorhome (Moms pasta bolognese!)

Friday we went to the Landszeughause, which is a huge armory collection of baroque weapons, and afterwards to Kunsthaus. The latter was ridiculous. A really pale exhibition of "biomorph"-inspired art, however, zeughaus was awesome. They had shitloads of old swords, rifles knights armor.

We decided to go up to Schlossberg to eat lunch, and then see the view. It was absolutely magnificent. It is hard to believe that I live 5 minutes from this incredible site. The tour of graz ended by me and Isa going to a few different stores, looking for shoes, ending up with new pants. In the evening, we again had dinner in the motorhome, and boy did it taste good.

Saturday we went to a town called Riegersburg, 40 minutes from Graz. This was a old famous castle, aproximately 850 years old, built on an old vulcanic mountaine. I do not have any good pictures that I can show you, but Isa will send me some when she has come home.

Afterwards we went to a Buschenschank, had some traditional Austrian food, and then we headed home. As usual, we had dinner in the motorhome, then we went back to the hotel, because they were leaving at 6AM.. We had some breakfest, left the camping and drove to town where I was dropped off at Lendplatz to make our farewells.

Seeing them drive away is definately one of the hardest and saddest things that have happened to me in a very long time. I felt so insanely alone.

These were definately the best 3 days since I got to Austria, and the saddest moment in a couple of years. But it was totally worth it.

Right now I have to slam my head into the schoolwork, which is probobly a good way to get my mind distracted from the sad stuff. We have a small presentation on wednesday and I haven't done anything since Thursday.

I'll get some photos up as soon as possible.

I love you Isabelle.

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