27 November 2008

Oh my god. Two post in two days. I must have way too much time on my hands.. (:D)

Crashed early yesterday, just after I wrote some news here, while watching some Dexter Season 3. It is a great series, so if you haven't watched it, doit, doit now!

Anyway, did not sleep very well. I woke up in the middle of the night, coughing like a british coal miner. Fell asleep again and woke up at 9 am feeling like a plastic bag full of razorblades. Since I forgot some English papers in school, I had to go there before our Alias class and do the homework then instead. After having breakfest, the first one in like 3 weeks, I took some painkillers and other medicine and headed out.

It kind of sucks to have a really bad ache in your throat but not feel sick in any other way, so I couldn't really justify staying at home.

After school me and Erik went shopping, which we were supposed to do yesterday. I finally found a pair of shoes that were adequat. I also went to the applestore to get a new external hard-drive. After beeing in another store and asking for a hard-drive and then beeing directed to the hair-dryers, I didn't really feel like going scouting for another place with cheap computer accessories.

I have been a bit nervous about my small external drive crashing, so when we discussed it earlier this week, I decided to get another drive as backup to the backup. I would cry for days if I lost all files of my schoolwork through the years.

Found a pair of Brown nike airs for 80euros.. (I like brown...alot) And a 500gb lacie disk for 90 euros.

The loot!

I have started to contact some companys for my internship. First out is POC in Stockholm, but I really need to get crackin on that forsaken portfolio. Im just so useless at doing graphical designs, combined with the fact that I haven't taken enough pictures through the years of my "accomplishments" which makes it pretty hard to do something adequate.

Anyway, I found another picture in my phone from last sunday. Me and Erik went to a grillhouse and got some food before going to school to work on the project. We got a grillplatter for two.

I think it is suffice to say that we both got a bit sick afterwards. Something in that dish wasn't properly cooked. Hopefully I do not have salmonella now... yuck. Not going there again. (it was called ChiChis grillhouse or something. Beware!)

Now I am going to install the disk and make the backups my subconcious is bitching about.


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