Il mostro!

16 June 2009

Last wednesday, after being sick for two days, I went home to Sweden.

We had thursday and friday off, so I booked a fairly cheap ticket home to see my Isabelle :)

So after many annoying hours on flights and airports, she finally picked me up at Helsingborg Central station. Man was it ever great to get back..

I dont have too much to write about this weekend, mainly photos to show you :)

We did not do anything at all on Thursday, if I remember it correctly. We had rain and storms outside, so we stayed in the couch.

Friday me and Isa had a pretty similar day, except that we went for a run in the rain, and then had some nice soup at home, and watched forrest gump together. Very relaxing...

We were supposed to go to my home field in Varberg on Saturday to visit the second leg of the Three crowns cup (Swedish Paintball league). However, two minutes after we left and arrived at the gas-station, an older man told me that we had a flat tire, and to my surprise he was right. So no Varberg that day. We went back instead and went for a long walk along the coast.

Sunday was the day to drive to Varberg instead. It was nice to see a lot of friends again, and just watch some paintball in the shining sun. A fellow called Erik Svensson(Thanks for the pictures Erik), was there flying with a Helicopter and managed to get some photos of our home field. Looks pretty awesome from above as well :)

I got a bit of sun on my pale body, and some good laughs.

In the evening, when we came back, my father was standing on the balchony with his binoculars. He told me that the Volvo Ocean race boats would be passing by any second. This was the first time ever, so I could'nt have timed my visit back home better.

And finally, the first boat showed it's sails behind the peninsula, and to my excitement, it was the il Mostro! Puma Volvo Ocean race boat, oh joy!

I wish I was a pirate, arrr..

The pictures are taken with my new digicam through binoculars, so the quality is a bit sketchy.

It does look like they passed pretty close, but it was a couple of nautcal miles from us.

To give some referens, here is the normal view without cheat-zooms. (I miss the ocean way too much)

anyway, on monday afternoon I had to head back to Germany, and Isabelle was going to her parents in Vansbro, Dalarna. (far far up north)

Really sucked to leave her this time, since we had such a wonderful weekend. But all things have an ending, meh..

Back in the office, and my head is not working 100% properly, but ill try to get it straightened out tomorrow. And finally ive started running again. Its going pretty well, and the times are decreasing in a higher rate than expected. I will tell you more about how later. Until then you can have a look at , it's pretty interesting, both from an ergonomical point of view and the fact that it seems to work better for me so far.

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