22 August 2009

Yeah, I've become pretty lazy with the updating.

This is probably the one of the very last updates about my life in a long while, and i will as i mentioned earlier focus on school, and more design related matters.

Not much has happend though. I went back to Sweden at the end of July for my friend Lovisas wedding. Short weekend there, and then back to reality in Nuremberg.

At the moment im getting pretty fed up with Germany, and can't wait to get back to Sweden.. Its been almost a year since I left for Graz, and it's getting tiresome.

Last weekend though, i visited a friend in Bodensee, aka Lake of constanze, which was a really nice break in my way of life.

It's located in the very south of Germany, and it's possible to see Austria, Switzerland and Germany from the lake side.

We went to some awesome parties, chilled at the beach, went to Austria and had a look at a paintballsite, and some other random stuff. Great weather and great company, made it one of the best weekends so far. Im sure I will return, but the next time I will bring Isabelle along with me.

Speaking of Isabelle, who just went to New York for 10 days, will hopefully come visit me this week.. Happy happy joy joy!

Regarding the previous entry about the Shoe-competition, no results have been posted yet, but I got some great feedback from the people at work, and with a few small tweaks it could actually turn in to something even better.

Right now im focusing on doing some personal projects since my boss and most of the full time designers at work are away on a business trip for a couple of weeks. Hopefully i can finish all the projects ive wanted to, but then i need to work smart, hard and fast. We'll see. Its not like its a life or death thing, but id really like to do it, especially since i think i do have some cool ideas that they could continue on after my departure.

Things have gone really smooth at work during these months. I'd like to believe that I've given it my best, and let my high motivation shine through. The people around me seem to have appreciated my presence and I've made some good industrial contacts during this period, and ofcourse some great friends. I have no idea of how much of my personal stuff that will be classified, but I guess that this is something they will tell me during after final presentation..

I'll end this post with a nice pic from Bodensee, where Florian took a photo of me at the viewing point "Pfender" where we had a great view over the three countries in question.

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