ISPO and master thesis

11 February 2010

Its been a while, let's leave it at that.

I've recently started working on my master thesis, that is due to be presented 1-2 of June.

It's pretty scary thinking about what I need to deliver until then, but I guess there is no try.

Do or Do not..

With my master thesis as excuse, I went to the ISPO tradeshow in munich, to get inspiration and do some research on my topic, but it was also a major treat for myself, since i've always wanted to go.

Very cool to see the huge fair (180.000 squate meters). I do believe that a lot of the companies are running on fumes, or really trying to cut costs. I base this on the observation that a lot of them just showed older stuff in a new package. I think the biggest companies were the ones that disappointed me the most.

On the other hand, it's fun to see the small companies with the crazy ideas and the fanatic people behind them. It's a shame that many of them just seem to be in it for the money, which gets pretty obvious when you see their stuff.

I want to do a post on my thesis project, which is about lead-users and their affect on action/extreme sports. I do have some good subjects to follow, which are some friends from old, currently occupied with winchboarding.

I'll leave you with this image of my computer, which lately has been working at really high temperatures, which makes me scared that it wont make it until my final pres. I'm seriously considering not getting a new Macbook pro, both because of the latest generations ugliness, and the fact that they cost a fortune.

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